About Mike

Welcome to M. C. Taxes, LLC owned and operated by M. C. (Mike) Watson, E.A.

I am a Highland County based Tax Accountant licensed to practice before the IRS as an Enrolled Agent (EA). I have been preparing taxes for over 28 years. This is my 19th season of preparing returns professionally and my 16 season as an E.A. (Enrolled Agent).

In January of 2009 I was granted enrolled agent status by the IRS. But what does that mean? First, I DO NOT work for the IRS....I work for YOU. 

The term enrolled agent tends to be misleading to the general public. A more accurate term would be Federally Licensed Tax Professional, Certified Tax Practitioner or perhaps Authorized Taxpayer Representative. None of these terms officially exist. 

So what sets E.A.'s apart from other tax return preparers? 
E.A.'s must demonstrate their tax proficiency by passing a comprehensive test administered by the IRS. Once an individual passes his test, as an E.A., he (she) can practice before all divisions of the IRS and have all the same privileges as an attorney or CPA. 

All three professionals are ruled by Circular 230 and are subject to oversight by the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) of the IRS. However, only E.A.'s may practice in any state or US territory. Attorneys and CPA may only practice in the states in  which they are licensed. 

As an E.A., I can prepare your individual and business returns and represent you before the IRS should you ever have a problem or audit. I operate my office from my home which helps me keep my fees very reasonable and competitive with my non-licensed colleagues.

Please give me a call today and see what I can do for you.

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